Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Multiple Intelligence

Today during topic time, we learned about different learning styles and that people have different ways of learning.  We did a self-assessment of which learning style we all are.  It was quite fun learning about ourselves.  Here are the explanations for each of the intelligences.  In class, we used the word 'wise' instead of 'smart.'

Word Smart:
  • I love to read books.
  • I like writing stories and poems.
  • Word puzzles and games are fun.
  • I am good at spelling.
  • I enjoy telling news.
  • I like learning new words.
Body Smart: 
  • I like playing sport
  • I find it hard to sit still at my desk.
  • Drama is lots of fun.
  • I like to know what objects feel like.
  • I like making things with my hands.
  • I prefer to 'do' rather than watch.
Logic Smart:
  • I like to know how things work.
  • I love board games like chess.
  • I enjoy science experiments.
  • I like puzzles that make me think.
  • I like trying to solve problems.
  • Number games are fun. 
Picture Smart:
  • Art is my favourite subject.
  • I like to do jigsaw puzzles
  • I am good at drawing I can read maps easily.
  • I enjoy making models.
  • I often have vivid dreams.
 Nature Smart:
  • I have a collection of shells, rocks or other natural objects.
  • I like to care for animals.
  • I enjoy gardening.
  • I love to visit museums or zoos.
  • I prefer to be outdoors rather than indoors.
  • Looking after the environment is important to me. 
Music Smart:
  • I like to sing.
  • I play, or would like to play, a musical instrument.
  • I enjoy listening to music.
  • I know lots of songs off by heart.
  • I enjoy listening to rhymes/raps.
 People Smart:
  • I enjoy team sports.
  • I like to work in a group.
  • I like sharing my ideas with others.
  • I have more than three close friends.
  • I find it interesting to meet new people.
  • When people around me are happy it makes me feel happy too
Self Smart:
  • I do my best schoolwork on my own.
  • I often think about what I will do when I grow up.
  • Staying home is usually more fun than being in a crowd of people.
  • I have one or two close friends.
  • I like to think about how I feel.
  • I write in a diary in my free time. 

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