Thursday, March 3, 2011

Red and Black Day

Today was a special day for New Zealand.  We declared this day the Red and Black Day to remember all the people who have suffered from the tragic earthquake of last week.  The day is signified by the colours red and black because those are the colours that represent Christchurch.

Our whole school dressed in red and black today to participate in this important event.  We all had to donate some money to go towards the Christchurch relief.  Some of us brought extra money so that we could give more.

At lunchtime, we had many parents and even teachers who brought some of their tasty baked goods to raise money.  We also had the school council organise face painting.  We raised over $3,000.  We are very proud of ourselves today. 

Our principal, Mrs Parr, in red and black
Mrs Wakefield's enthusiastic participation of Red and Black Day
At our school assembly
C for Christchurch!


  1. thats nice. you've got an awsom blog. I hope you liked mine ok.

  2. Hi Isaiah,
    Thanks for visiting our blog. Our teacher said that your blog is a good example of sharing our ideas and passion on our blogs. We think that your blog is fun to read because you share your opinions strongly. Please visit us again.

    Room 18

  3. Thank's. I'm trying to do more and more posts.