Monday, April 4, 2011

Diamante Poems

Diamante poem is...
A poem that is shaped like a diamond.
You can have heaps and heaps of different kinds of diamante poems.
In Room 18 we wrote our own opposite diamante poems.
We collected our ideas and wrote them down.
In the ICT suite we got together with
Our partners and came up with
A diamante poem ourselves.
                                                              During lunchtime I (Paige)
came up with my own
Diamante poems.
I am now going
to share them.

Dawn to Dusk

Beautiful, bright,
Shining, dripping, glistening,
Sun, cloud, moon, stars,
Lighting, prowling, sleeping,
Scary, dark

School & Home

Noisy, dramatic,
Playing, sharing, daring,
Pupils working, studying homework,
Sleeping, waking, watching,
Peaceful, loving,

Winter to Summer

Frosty, chilly,
Shivering, shuddering, freezing,
Gloves, beanies, t-shirts, beach,
Warming, boiling, shining,
Sunny, hot

By Paige


  1. Wow, I love the style of this type of poem! I've actually never heard of Diamante poems before, so I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. :) It's very neat how the words end up forming a pretty diamond shape. I loved reading the opposite poems and seeing the great descriptive words you chose to include. Was it difficult to figure out which words to put on which lines in order to make the correct shape? Keep up the good work! :)

  2. This style is definitely not my strong suit.. but it is yours.. great job..

  3. your diamante poems are amazing when i was in school along time ago, well not that long we done diamante poems just like you guys i just cant beleive that year5 students would come up with such wonderful peoms like you good job and keep up the great work!