Thursday, May 5, 2011

What we did during Book Week

As Amy said in the previous post, Book Week was a week of fantastic celebration of books.  We had fabulous guests and fun activities in the classroom. 

This is our "You be the Judge" board.  On the board were some adjectives that described books.  What we had to do was write down titles of books that we have read that matched the descriptions.  It was a good way for us to discover new books that we haven't read. 

 We learned about Haiku poems this week and we wrote Haiku poems about books.  
Haiku poems are Japanese poems with 17 syllables. 

This is Clifford.  He comes to visit us every time we have book week.  
He brought some books for Mr Pareanga, our Pirate, to read to us.  
Clifford chose the book for us.  Itwas about a brave little watchdog.  
It was a fantastic story that made all of us laugh. 

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