Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'The Wise Doll' Summary Comics

This is the cover page of the story we read.

Today was a funny day.  All the students who are in the choir spent most of the day rehearsing for the Music Festival that is coming up.  We only had a few students left in the class today so our teacher decided to read us a story called, 'The Wise Doll' and do a reading activity.  We summarised the story into a comic strip using an online tool called ToonDoo.  It was our first time using this online programme so it was a lot of fun learning new skills.  

The greatest challenge was to reduce the story into only four boxes.  Some of us left out some bits but we still had fun creating the comics.  

If you want to see our comics, please go to our wiki and look at the student pages.  Here are some examples below.  Click on the images to see a bigger version of it:

This one is done by Jacob and Felix:
The Wise Doll

This one is done by Kenta and Richard:
The Wise Doll

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