Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Choir Dress Rehearsal

On Tuesday 5th of July some of the children in Room 18 did not have a normal day. The students who are in the senior choir went on a bus to Sommerville Intermediate School to have the final dress rehearsal before the music festival on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. From our class, there are 13 students in the choir. They are all girls. So, our teacher only had half of the class on Tuesday. I wonder if it was hard for her...

When we arrived at Sommerville we were shown where to sit on the bleachers and chairs. We used the new Multi-Purpose Facility. It was a very big hall, even bigger than our hall.

We practised 18 songs which took us almost all day. It was extremely hard to remember the Japanese song called Moon at the Ruined Castle. It was hard because it was all in Japanese and we all had different parts to sing. Because the rehearsal took such a long time, we ended up coming back late to school.

The choir will be performing at Sommerville. A very talented teacher called Mrs Field is directing the show. There are 3 other schools doing the performance with our school. They are Sommerville Intermediate, Botany Downs Primary and Willowbank Primary.

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